Several ideas for sale

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I have read somewhere that in order for an invention to be good, it must be simple.

There is some truth in this, since it will be easy to make, and chances are that the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages, and the revenues will outweigh the costs.

And what is the point of making it complicated, since it can be made in an easier way. These approaches are determined by motivation and values, what is intended as a final effect. In my opinion, in order to get to the truth regarding the proper combination of not yet made empirical relationships, your theoretical thinking must be based on simplicity and elementariness. When the final outcome is aimed at extrinsic effects of the problem to be solved, for example social emotional states of mind such as pride or greatness, it is for sure that your actions in terms of the product created will be subjective and not the best ones.

In order to see what you haven’t made yet in advance, you need to open your mind and accept that human nature is limited in existence and the very motivation for striving for change and overcoming the narrowness is a prerequisite for asking the question – what can be done to improve this and that …

Through these few sentences, I just express my judgment-shaping motivation that I consider effective in terms of solving the problems I formed in patent applications.

My goal is to sell them and use the revenue to finance my other ideas, because sometimes you need to experiment in order to understand everything in advance. And in most cases, experiments are associated with a lot of costs.